About Dr. Kurt

Hi, I'm Dr. Kurt Perkins DC.  Most everyone calls me Dr. Kurt.  But I've been called all sorts of things.  I want to welcome you to my blog, or as many have referenced it, my rant.  I'll tell you right off the bat, you will see typos.  Most of the time I'm fired up about something and writing is my therapy.  Instead of stopping to edit, I am often times pre-mature to the publish button.  I apologize in advance. 

You see, I was a sick kid.  I was a fat kid.  I had chronic ear infections.  I had chronic strep throat.  I had chronic bronchitis.  I even had eczema so bad, if I opened my hand, it would bleed.  Try getting a date in college with bloody palms. 

If you looked at my personal and family health history, it's amazing that I'm still alive today.  Over the past 20 years, I have learned to ask the right questions which has led me to make choices that have brought my personal health to a level that makes me look like I'm adopted.  

One of the key things I have discovered over the years is that I did not have to be a victim of my circumstances. This includes my health.  Since I am not a victim, then I am responsible and that has lead me to have a theme of this blog of More Health, Less Health Care. 

Hopefully this blog will encourage, inspire, or just plain fire you up.  Usually the writings are stemming from something that has fired me up.  If you really want to get me fired up, start talking about psychotropic medications in kids, socialized medicine, and how you think it's expensive to get and stay healthy.

Usually these are written weekly from either my home or office in Colorado Springs where I enjoy life with my wife Lindsay, and sons Kalin and Lukas.  We have 2 dogs, Boots and Jersey, that are Boston Terrier/English Bulldog mixes.  I play a little guitar, play a little basketball, and when time allows it, soak in the 300 days of sunshine that Colorado Springs boasts.  Enjoy and don't forget to the subscribe on the right side of the page. 

For the formal nitty gritty of my life and career, check out my Full Bio.  

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